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Thanks to a vigorous national conservation program Tunisia's waters remain a high quality environment. The undersea world is abundant and rich for the variety of its flora and fauna and offer to the diver a field for research and discovery. The International Diving Center at Port El Kantaoui, open all year, teaches underwater diving. Offshore nearby Hergla, the sea vibrates with life - shrimp, crabs, mullet and hake.

A source of wonder and delight. Northwest ,the Tabarka region has long held the laurels for the diversity of the sea life, the rocky sea bed rich in coral and the clear clean water providing ideal conditions for the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean. Amateur and professional divers may explore this region. The Tabarka Yachting Club organizes dives and can provide amateur and professional divers with the necessary equipment. Both Tabarka Yachting Club and the International Diving Center are affiliated with the C.M.A.S (Confederation Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques) and their diplomas recognized by this World Confederation.

The islands of Zembra and La Galite are natural reserves and permission must be obtained to dive in these areas. La Galite is the home of colonies of seals and walrus.


This hospitable country with over 1200 km of coast affords innumerable bays and coves, an average yearly temperature of 18°C, a clement sea and a chain of 26 ports and anchorages as well as 4 modern marinas. Conveniently located within or adjoining main resorts complexes they offer modern conveniences and share the facilities of the resort area.

Sidi Bou Said is a picturesque port at the foot of the hilltop.
This Moorish village, 12 km from the capital is adjoining the resort area of Marsa-Gammarth. A 360 berth marina with all necessary services, fine restaurants and modern hotels a few yards away.


This most popular summer sport may be enjoyed throughout the year though a wet suit is desirable during the months of December through April.

Outside the hotel circuit and local events, Tunisia is the departure/arrival point for many trans- Mediterranean and Mediterranean competitions. The port of Sidi Bou Said with its school of wind surfing and sailing is a focal point for these international activities.


On your way to the Oases of Tozeur and Nefta lies the Chott El Jerid a 6600 km salt lake. Outside of the rainy season these salt flats present unrivaled opportunities for the fans of "land sailing "....


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