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About Tunisia

Tunisia is located on the Northern Coast of the African Continent.  It sits snuggled between Algeria and Libya, yet has been largely influenced by its neighbors France and Italy. Most of Northern Tunisia is actually closer to Italy than it is to the Southern Tunisia and the Sahara. The capital, Tunis, is located in the North right next to the Ancient Roman city, Carthage. Tunisia has a long history of invaders and conquerors, and much of the population's heritage is tied to the Turks, French, Italians, Moors, Spanish, Berbers, and Jews. The north is characterized as more European, while the south is more traditional and its culture tied to the Berber nomads.

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Just 77 miles south-west of Sicily, Tunisia is a country that by reputation is more Mediterranean than African. The climate is mild, the trees always green and the oranges ripen in sunshine throughout the year. Golden sandy beaches stretch for over 800 miles along Tunisia's Mediterranean coastline and crystal blue water. The food which has a distinctly French influence is mixed with typical Tunisian specialties like Koucha Fil Kolla, fresh lamb sprinkled with rosemary and spices and baked in a clay pot. Locally produced wine is even grudgingly admired by the French.  

Tunisia’s terrain is quite remarkable as it changes dramatically from the North, East, South and Coastline  Eastern Tunisia is lush in green trees and farms and marks the end of the Atlas Mountains. Despite its location, edging the Sahara, Tunisia is a surprisingly fertile land. The north is more flat and experiences temperate climate. Many luxurious resorts are located at Hammamet and Sousse where beachgoers lay out on the beach right beside citrus orchards.  

Tunisia has six National Parks: that around Lac Ichkeul is one of only two UNESCO-protected Biosphere Reserves in the world. The view from the near-deserted village of Takrouna over the mountainous north is stunning. Alternatively, the central desert oasis like Zaafrane, Tozeur or Kebili is a must see with its hot pools.

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